Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: 276-2750
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Build a programmable starter robot!

The Programming Control Starter Kit includes everything needed to build a fully capable robot using the included programmable Cortex Microcontroller and various sensor types. Programming software (sold separately) is required for autonomous programming, integration of sensors and more.

  • Clawbot Robot Kit (4 motors included)
  • Cortex Microcontroller
  • Robot Battery and Charger
  • Limit Switch Kit
  • Bumper Switch Kit
  • Potentiometer (2-pack)
  • Motor 393 Integrated Encoder Module (2-pack)
  • Ultrasonic Range Finder
  • Line Tracker

Kit Contents

    (3)2-Wire Motor 393
    (21)Shaft Collar
    (4)Shaft Coupler
    (8)Shaft, 3" Long
    (18)Bearing Flat
    (2)Spur Gear, 12-tooth
    (6)Spur Gear, 60-tooth
    (2)Spur Gear, 84-tooth
    (4)4" Wheel
    (1)Claw Kit Assembly (includes motor)


    (2)Bar, 20-hole
    (2)Chassis Bumper (20-hole)
    (4)Chassis Rail (16-hole)
    (2)C-Channel, 1x2x1x15 hole
    (1)C-Channel, 1x2x1x20 hole


    (1)7.2V Robot Battery NiMH 3000mAh
    (1)Smart Charger & Power Cord
    (2)Motor Controller 29
    (1)Battery Strap (2-pack)


    (1)Bumper Switch (2-pack)
    (1)Limit Switch (2-pack)
    (1)Motor 393 Integrated Encoder Module (2-pack)
    (1)Potentiometer (2-pack)
    (1)Line Tracker Kit
    (1)Ultrasonic Range Finder


    (1)Cortex Microcontroller
    (1)USB A-A Tether Cable


    (32)Screw, 8-32 x 1/4" Long
    (14)Screw, 8-32 x 1/2" Long
    (3)Screw, 8-32 x 1 1/2" Long
    (6)Locking Screw, 6-32 x 1/4" Long
    (6)Locking Screw, 6-32 x 1/2" Long
    (42)Nut, 8-32 Keps
    (6)Shaft Spacer, Thin (4.6mm)
    (50)4" Tie Wraps
    (32)Bearing Pop-Rivet


    (2)Tool, Allen Wrench Small (5/64")
    (2)Tool, Allen Wrench Large (3/32")
    (2)Tool, VEX Open-Ended Wrench
    (1)Quick Start Guide, Clawbot