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Teach Robotics in the Classroom or Compete Globally with Classroom & Competition Kits

VEX Classroom & Competition Kits include everything you need to design, build, power and operate robots.

Use the included VEX Curriculum to start teaching with VEX Robotics, from the basics of engineering, robotics and design all the way up to a semester-ending classroom competition. If you're fielding a competitive robotics team outside the classroom, these kits include the most popular items used to design and build VEX competition robots.


Clawbot Robot Kit (4 motors included)
VEXnet System Bundle
Booster Kit
Additional 2-Wire Motor 393
Robot Battery, Joystick Batteries and Chargers

Add your choice of programming (coding) software. Choose from easyC V4 for Cortex* or ROBOTC for Cortex & PIC.

RobotC is included at no extra charge.

*EasyC software not included. It must be purchased.  

The Programming Kit does not include the following (compared to 276-3000 and 276-2800):
(4) High Strength 12-tooth Gear, (4) High Strength 36-tooth Gear, (4) High Strength 60-tooth Gear, (16) High Strength Square Gear Insert, (16) Free Spinning Gear Insert, (4) Intake Roller (8-pack), (25) Tank Tread Traction links, (30) Conveyor-belt Base links, (10) Short Conveyor-belt inserts, (10) Medium Conveyor-belt inserts, (10) Tall Conveyor-belt inserts, (4) High Strength 6-tooth Sprocket, (2) High Strength 12-tooth Sprocket, (2) High Strength 18-tooth Sprocket, (2) High Strength 24-tooth Sprocket, (2) High Strength 30-tooth Sprocket, (280) High Strength Chain Links, (40) Chain Attachment Links, (2) 12" Long Linear Slide Track, (2) 17.5" Long Linear Slide Track, (2) Rack Bracket, (4) Inner Acetal Slide Truck, (4) Outer Acetal Slide Truck.

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