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Perpetual Competitive License of easyC V5 for IQ/Cortex, 10 Student - Download Only, 10

EasyC v5 for Cortex and VEX IQ provides the best way to harness the full power of VEX robotics systems. With one license for both the Cortex and VEX IQ microcontroller, easyC provides the perfect programming solution for classrooms and competitive teams.

EasyC enables you to produce effective programs in a short period of time. Designed with the student and teacher in mind, easyC’s simple-to-use graphical interface does all of the syntax and spacing, allowing you to focus on program flow and design. Each function block links to detailed help on how to use that particular function.

Experienced programmers can use the text editor to enter true C code. Tutorials and sample projects enable users of any level to program quickly and effective.

Why use easyC?

  • Clean, simple interface for the beginner and experienced programmer.
  • EasyC uses a graphical interface on top of Intelitek’s own C library custom made for the VEX Cortex and IQ controllers.
  • Generates standard C code.
  • Enables beginners to quickly and easily learn basic programming by focusing on the core elements of program flow and design.
  • Text editor for experienced programmers to type their own code. (Cortex Programming)
  • An extensive, easy to use help file with pictures and video covers every feature of easyC.
  • Integrates the development environment, compiler, linker and downloader into a seamless package.
  • Features a start page for convenient access to all the most-used features of easyC in one place.
  • Includes many tutorials that guide you through important features.

Features VEX IQ Programming:

  • Windows ribbon-style interface toolbar
  • Dozens of easy-access tutorials
  • Over 25 sample programs
  • Easy to use flow chart themes show icons, text or both
  • Function block color scheme matches VEX color palette
  • Graphical controller configuration screen that maps ports to custom component names
  • Intuitive wizard-like programming interface
  • Option to show actual C code or description of code
  • Easy to define gamepad control for tank and arcade driving styles
  • Simplified variable types
  • Smart Motor and Game Pad function blocks

Features VEX Cortex Programming:

Text Editor
  • The text editor allows the more experienced programmer to work in a fully text-based development environment.
  • Type in your own code or simply drag and drop blocks into the window where they will be converted to text on the fly.

VEX Integrated Motor Encoders Support

Retrieve number of encoder ticks from any of up to eight encoders, the speed of the motor that the IME is attached to, or preset the values of any of the encoders. Use IME PID function block to control the position through the use of a PID controller.

“Robot Driving” Functions

Define your robot’s drivetrain, then issue simple commands such as “Drive”, “Turn”, “Stop” or “Drive for Time”. Combined with VEX Integrated Motor Encoders, you can command your robot to drive for a specific number of wheel rotations, or a specific degree of wheel rotation.

“Smart Motor” Functions

Use the Time Control block to command a VEX motor to drive for a number of milliseconds,and then stop – all in one, easy to read and control block.

“Wait until” blocks

The “wait until” blocks act like Wait statements, but instead of waiting for a specific number of milliseconds to elapse, the block will wait for any of the VEX sensors to read a specific state.