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VRC Spin Up 2022 - 2023 Full Field & Game Element Kit 

 Everything you need to build a complete VRC Spin Up field. One Full Field & Game Element Kit (276-7500) includes the following:

Field Perimeter & Tiles NOT included.

This robotics competition is one of the biggest and fastest growing robotics competitions in the world.  The global VEX Robotics Competition brings together middle school, high school, and college/ university students to participate in competitions with more than 20,000 teams from all over the world. 

This year's game is called Spin Up, which is a head to head game played by two alliances - one red and one blue made up of 2 teams each. The primary game objects in VRC Spin Up are yellow foam disks. There are 60 disks total in a match:  38 that start on the field, 2 that start as a pre-load in the robots, and 7 match-loads per alliance. Disks can be scored in the two high goals, which will be worth 5 points; and under each high goal, there will be a low goal worth 1 point for the opposing alliance. There will also be 4 foam rollers mounted to the field perimeter that can be spun to a specific alliance colour. 


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