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The VEX IQ Super Kit, by VEX Robotics, is a K-8 STEM robotics classroom and competition solution. The kits are best suited for grades 4 - 8, although it is proven to drive interest in STEM and coding in learners as early as grade 1.   VEX IQ parts are made primarily of plastic and they snap together to build robots that can be programmed or driven using the included handheld controller.  The handheld (xbox like) controller removes barriers to entry into robotics since students can drive their creations as soon as they finish building their robots.


  • Over 800 Structural & Motion Components
  • 4 Smart Motors, 7 Sensors (bumper x2, gyro, distance, color, 2x touch LED), Robot Brain, Controller & Batteries Included
  • Storage Bin & Tray included for organized storage of all parts
  • Seem-less integration with VEX Robotics V5 at high school level. Students can continue to build on the skills they learn in K-8 as they progress into high school robotics.
  • FREE Online Curriculum included
  • FREE Build Instructions to help you get started with building your robot creations.
  • FREE Coding software (Blocks and Text) WIN, MAC, Chromebooks (MSI for IT deployment also available).
  • Ability to enter competitions at your school, school district, or community.  Call 1-877-730-4770 for details.

Drive the Interest in STEM Careers with the Experience and thrill of Robotics Competition

Take your robotics program further by participating at VEX IQ competitions through the Robotics Education Competition Foundation (RECF) program. Each spring RECF introduce an engineering challenge in the form of a game.  Students then put classroom concepts to the test and take learning into their own hands as they build robots to compete at local competitions hosted by Event Partners (Event Partners are community organizers that host local robotics competition with the assistance of RECF software and web portal). You can find local events by visiting the RECF hosted robotics competition portal  There are hundreds of competition events held annually each year. Teams compete on a weekly basis from the fall to spring, with the goal to reach state, provincial championship events with the ultimate goal of qualifying to VEX Worlds, which is hosted by RECF and VEX Robotics each April.

The VEX IQ kits provide students with real world challenges and fun competition.  The program is an inclusive environment and proven to increase student engagement and  develop soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, communications, and collaboration.

Kit Contents
Structure (2) 1x3 Beam (6) 1x4 Beam (6) 1x6 Beam (8) 1x8 Beam (6) 1x10 Beam (4) 1x12 Beam (4) 2x2 Beam (6) 2x4 Beam (6) 2x6 Beam (6) 2x8 Beam (4) 2x10 Beam (6) 2x12 Beam (4) 2x16 Beam (2) 2x20 Beam (4) 4x4 Plate (2) 4x12 Plate (4) 3x4 Tee Beam (4) 2x3 Right Angle Beam (4) 3x3 30 Degree Angle Beam (4) 3x3 45 Degree Angle Beam (4) 3x3 60 Degree Angle Beam (4) 3x5 Right Angle Beam (4) 4x4 Right Angle Offset Beam (2) Elastic Band Anchor Plate
Connectors (240) 1x1 Connector Pin (60) 1x2 Connector Pin (20) 2x2 Connector Pin (12) 0.5x Standoff (12) 1x Standoff (14) 2x Standoff (6) 4x Standoff (6) 6x Standoff (12) Mini Standoff Connector (8) End Standoff Connector (10) Large Chassis Corner Connector (18) Small Chassis Corner Connector (10) 2x Wide, 1x2 Corner Connector (12) 1x Wide, 1x1 Offset Corner Connector (4) 2x Wide, 2x1 Offset Corner Connector (4) 2x Wide, 2x1 Corner Connector (4) 2x Wide, 1x1 Offset Corner Connector (10) 2x Wide, 2x2 Corner Connector (8) 2x Wide, 1x2 Offset Corner Connector (4) 2x2 Lock Plate (4) 1x3 Center Lock Plate (4) Worm Bracket
Shafts, Gears and Wheels Shafts: (6) 1x1 Idler Pin (6) 0x2 Idler Pin (2) 4x Pitch Shaft (4) 6x Pitch Shaft (2) 8x Pitch Shaft (2) 2x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 3x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 4x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 5x Pitch Plastic Shaft (2) 2x Pitch Plastic Motor Shaft (4) 3x Pitch Plastic Motor Shaft (2) 4x Pitch Plastic Motor Shaft (2) 2x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (4) 3x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (2) 4x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (2) 5x Pitch Plastic Capped Shaft (20) Washer (25) 0.5x Pitch Spacer (4) Shaft Bushing (30) Rubber Shaft Collar Gears: (10) 12 Tooth Gear (10) 36 Tooth Gear (6) 60 Tooth Gear (2) 36 Tooth Crown Gear Wheels: (4) Small Wheel Hub (44mm) (2) 100mm Travel Rubber Tire (4) 200mm Travel Rubber Tire
Motors, Robot Control and Sensors (1) Robot Brain (1) VEX IQ Controller (2) Smart Radios (4) Smart Motor (1) Gyro Sensor (2) Bumper Switch (2) Touch LED (1) Distance Sensor (1) Color Sensor (2) Smart Cable Pack (1) USB Cable (1) Tether Cable
Power and Storage Power: (1) Robot Battery (1) VEX IQ Controller Battery (1) Robot Battery Charger (1) Battery Charger Power Cord Storage: (1) Storage Bin and Tray