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Everything needed to implement a hands-on STEM learning solution for a classroom of 12-18 students! This bundle contains all the necessary parts to bring engineering, math, technology or computer science to life with six V5 Classroom Starter kits, plus fun game elements that turn educational learning into a competitive sport!

•Contains (6) V5 Classroom Starter Kits
•Scalable programming software suite available with with VEX Coding Studio
•Standards-aligned STEM Labs develop how students approach critical thinking & problem solving

This kit contains over 1,500 components, including a V5 Control System, 24 V5 Smart Motors, 12 Sensors, 55 steel structure pieces, 150 motion parts, plus all of the necessary hardware, tools, and accessories! Once you've mastered the basics, this kit provides everything needed to move on to more advanced engineering concepts using some of our most popular motion add-on kits. At the end of the day, organize your parts with our reusable storage bins.

V5 Clawbot-Build Instructions

Kit Contents
Electronics V5 Electronics •(6) V5 Robot Brains •(6) V5 Controllers •(6) V5 Robot Radios •(6) V5 Robot Battery Li-Ion 1100mAh •(6) V5 Robot Battery Cables •(6) V5 Robot Battery Chargers •(24) V5 Smart Motors •(12) Bumper Switch v2 V5 Smart Cables •(18) 300mm Smart Cables •(6) 600mm Smart Cables •(6) 900mm Smart Cables Charging Cable •(6) USB A to Micro Cables
Motion Wheels •(12) 4" Omni Wheels •(12) 4" Wheels Shafts •(12) 2" Shafts •(12) 3" Shafts •(6) 3.5" Shafts •(18) 4" Shafts High Strength Gears & Inserts •(6) 12T Metal Pinions •(6) 12T Metal Pinion Inserts •(6) 84T High Strength Spur Gears •(60) High Strength Gear Shaft Inserts Other Motion Components •(6) V5 Claw Assemblies
Tools & Accessories •(12) Orange Foam Footballs •(24) Green Foam Soccer Balls •(12) V5 Battery Clips •(12) #32 Rubber Bands •(12) T15 Star Drive Keys •(300) 4" Zip Ties •(6) V5 Clawbot Instruction Manuals
Structure Nuts & Connectors •(180) #8-32 Hex Nut •(90) 1-Post Hex Nut Retainer w/ Flat Bearing •(30) 1-Post Hex Nut Retainer •(42) 4-Post Hex Nut Retainer Shaft Hardware •(30) Flat Bearing •(138) Rubber Shaft Collar •(36) 0x2 Connector Pin •(48) 1/8" Spacer •(24) 3/8" Spacer •(18) 1/2" Spacer •(12) 7/8" Spacer Screws •(180) #8-32 x 3/8" Star Drive Screw •(12) #8-32 x 1.000" Star Drive Screw •(24) #8-32 x 1/2" Locking Star Drive Screw •(24) #8-32 x 1.500" Locking Star Drive Screw Steel Structure •(18) 2x2x2x20 Steel U-Channels •(12) 1x2x1x15 Steel C-Channels •(12) 1x2x1x25 Steel C-Channels •(12) 2x2x14x20 Steel Angles
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