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STEAM SNIPS™ Kit - Electronic Building and Coding Modules 

Rapid advances in technology are driving much of the changes in our world. Schools need to prepare students for the technological advancements happening today as well as in the future. The more comfortable students are with technology today, the better they will function in the world of tomorrow. 

Fortunately, the rapidly-advancing technology is creating new ways to make teaching more immediate, interesting and varied – such as STEAM SNIPS™ from HamiltonBuhl.

STEAM SNIPS™ are electronic building modules that can be combined in an infinite number of ways, creating all sorts of electronic inventions, and best of all, they are designed to appeal to both boys and girls. 

STEAM SNIPS™ include 73 different components, each can work with every other module in the set – all that is needed is imagination, inspiration and curiosity to build an infinite number of combinations of electronics products.

  • Power modules – everything requires energy
  • Input modules – sensors and detectors to sense, detect and collect environmental data – sound, light, temperature, humidity, motion,tilt, flame, IR distance, water moisture, ultrasonic, switches, buttons, dimmers
  • Output modules – produce motion, audio and visual effects that include LED lights, buzzers, speakers, motors, relays, servos and fans
  • Controller– controls output based on logic and can be combined with other programmable modules to adjust input and output parameters.

Along the way, kids will learn what is required to bring inventions and ideas to life:

  1. Circuitry knowledge
  2. Hardware operation and control
  3. Software programming and coding
  4. Creative thinking and problem solving

STEAM SNIPS™ make it easy for teachers to stoke the flames of curiosity that open up the world of science, technology, engineering, creativity coding and inventing to their students. Ages 5+.

Product Specification
Specifications Specifications: •Suitable for Ages 5+ •Cross All Grade Levels K-12 •Electronics Sensor Knowledge •Electronical Hardware Knowledge •Circuitry Structure and Configuration •Logic Gate operation •Input Modules (Color-Coded Pink) •Output Modules (Color-Coded Yellow) •Logic and Power Control Modules (Color-Coded blue) •51 Input/Output/Logic and Power Components ◦17 Input Modules ◦11 Output Modules ◦23 Logic and Power Components •2 Power Source Components (PC: USB cable and 9V battery wire) ◦10 pcs. (6.75” Micro USB cables) ◦10 pcs. (12.75” Micro USB cables) •LED Rope •Yellow Fan and Motor •DC 5V Fan •Speaker •(1) Servos •Non-Programmable Mode for younger learners •Programmable Mode for learning advanced techniques •Durable to withstand rigors of classroom and heavy-duty daily use •Scratch and Arduino Programming for PC (Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10)