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Welcome to the era of rapid prototyping!

Squink is a personal circuit factory! The squink allows you to print a fully functional circuit in minutes without all the mess and complication of building by hand. 

Watch YouTube video on how an educator is using Squink to make some Electronic LEGO blocks to better teach kids. 



Squink uses three interchangeable heads (Print/Glue/PickandPlace)

1. Print

Using Squink’s inkjet printhead and our low resistivity conductive ink, fabricate circuit traces in just a few minutes on a variety of stiff and flexible substrates.

Instead of waiting for weeks or shelling out thousands for factory-made PCBs, load Gerber or image files (JPEG, BMP, PNG) into the printer's web interface and have circuits printed in a variety of substrates in minutes! Think of the possibilities with printing flexible lighting on clear films, or teaching your students the fine art of digital design - all of this is possible with Squink!

2. Gluing

Using the Extruder toolhead, lay down solder paste or conductive glue on printed or pre-fab boards in minutes. Squink takes your shaky hands out of the equation so you can get perfect circuits every time. Use our own 2-part epoxies, stick to solder paste or experiment with your own pastes, glues or off-the-shelf products to make durable flexible circuits. Use our powerful software to customize the extrusion profile to optimize solder ‘dot’ size and volume. 

3. Pick-and-place

With Squink’s Pick-and-Place toolhead, there is no end to what you can create. Custom-shaped LED arrays, Flexible Arduinos, Hyper-light Drones, are just some examples.