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Adapt to any STEM curriculum or lesson plan: With this STEM add-on, you can do (and Doodle) more, bringing sought after STEM-innovation to the classroom. From Articulated Hands to Geodesic Domes, working Rollercoasters, and DNA Helixes, use the STEM Activity Kit to innovate in 3D with the 3Doodler Start or Create+ pens! Each kit contains: 3Doodler Start pen, 48 strands of 3Doodler Start plastic, a DoodleBlock®, Welcome Note, Buy-One-Get-One Coupon, 2 Abbreviated Lesson Plans, Cheatsheet sample, Start Activity Guide sample, Teacher's Checklist sample, DoodleBlock Guide sample, Instruction Manual, EDU Booklet, USB cable, Unblocking Tool, and Troubleshooting Guide.