Brand: VEX Robotics
Product Code: 276-5034
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Note: The Shaft in the image is not included with the Gear. Only the 36T gear will ship if you order this product.

Build mechanisms capable of achieving higher torque or speed than ever before - lift heavier loads and survive bigger impacts with the additional gear ratio options provided by the largest high strength gear available. Works with the VEX High Strength Gear Kit or any VEX spur gear.  

  • Double-thick face width and ribbing provide added strength
  • Metal Square Hole Inserts prevent axles from "stripping"
  • Build gearboxes that resist high shock-loads
  • Bolt gears together for added strength


  • (8) High Strength 36-tooth Gear
  • (16) Square Gear Insert
  • (16) Free Spinning Insert