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Product Specifications

Designed with makers, educators, inventors, entrepreneurs, artists and hobbyists in mind, the DigiLab laser cutter combines product innovation with intuitive and dynamic software to make digital fabrication come to life in your workshop or maker space.

  • Easy-to-use laser cutter suitable for engraving all types of project; from cutting intricate wedding invites out of paper, to engraving hand drawn patterns in a leather wallet, and much more
  • Capable of cutting, scoring, and engraving a variety of hard and soft materials from wood, stone, and glass, to fabric, paper, and leather for a diverse set of projects and applications
  • Hex Box includes integrated cooling and air assist systems in a compact design, saving you time and energy typically needed to find, purchase, and install systems separately
  • Built-in camera lets you scan your drawings or photos into the laser software for easy cutting and engraving
  • Built-in camera also allows you to align your print with odd-shaped materials reducing misprints
  • Large, 7 In. LCD touch screen lets you effortlessly manage and run jobs
  • Built-in smart sensors to detect potentially hazardous situations and assist with troubleshooting
  • Industry standard 40 Watt glass laser tube with easy connect linkage for fast tube replacement
  • Included aluminum honeycomb plate helps with ventilation while jobs are running
  • Accessible with or without internet connection through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Proxy, or Static IP network set up
  • Advanced software controls to adjust default materials and settings to best suit your applications
  • Thoroughly vetted material library to allow you to print on new materials with ease
  • Software compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux systems through a variety of web browsers
  • Industry-first UL certification assures quality and peace of mind
  • Exclusive Dremel DigiLab Suite that includes out-of-the-box tutorials to make set up quick and painless
  • Excellent safety and support— USA based, world class customer service team is always by your side and ready to help
  • One-year warranty

Maximum Build Width (in): 20 
Warranty: 1 Years 
Description: Dremel DigiLab 40W Laser Cutter 
Maximum Build Height (in): 1.5 
Laser Wattage: 40 
Supported Model File Types: JPEG, PNG, SVG, PDF 
Material: Suitable materials: wood, stone, glass, leather, paper, rubber, plastic, vinyl, and other non-metal materials 
Engraving Resolution (dpi): 1000 
Build Volume: 20" x 12" 
Cord Length: 6 ft 
Lighting: Dual internal LED strips 
Voltage: 110V - 120V 
Connectivity: Ethernet, Wifi 
Maximum Build Depth (in): 12 
Height: 7.9 " 
Software: Resolution: Up to 1000 dpi Motor type: Stepper motor Power supply: AC 110V Working temperature: 40 – 104°F Working humidity: 5% – 95% without condensed steam Machine dimensions: 7-7/8” x 32-1/3” x 20-3/8” Product weight: 70 lbs Package weight: 90 lbs 
Camera: High definition wide angle 
Cooling and Air: External Hex Box with self contained cooling system and air assist

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