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Ages 6 - 13

Grades K - 8

The 3Doodler Start Learning Pack is an all-in-one educational tool, designed with teachers for the K to 8th grade classroom. Specifically constructed and priced for educational institutions, you can outfit an entire classroom with 3Doodler pens for less than the cost of a traditional 3D printer. The 3Doodler Learning Pack is recognized as the ideal EdTech for STEM subjects, tactile learning, problem solving, creative thinking, & much more. Teachers have used the 3Doodler to diversify and personalize teaching methods, making lessons fresh and fun - students are genuinely excited about the ability to create! Each Learning Pack comes with 3D pens, lesson plans, classroom materials, accessories, and plastic refills, packaged in a way to help you and your students get started as soon as you open the box. No complicated software or steep learning curve, if you can hold a pen, you can use the 3Doodler.

Start Learning Packs (12 pens) Includes:

  • x1 Teacher’s Kit (see details of what's included below)
  • x4 Students’ Kits (see details of what's included below)
  • x1 Plastics Kit - 1200 Strands (see details of what's included below)
  • x12 Pouches*
  • x12 Challenge Card Sets (9 cards per set)*

*Allows you to break down a Learning Pack into individual all-in-one, open-and-go sets using the Storage Pouches & Challenge Cards.

Teacher’s Kit Includes:

  • Teacher’s Checklist x1
  • Welcome Sheet x1
  • Cheatsheet x1
  • 3Doodler Poster x1
  • Activity Guide x1
  • DoodleBlock® Guide x1
  • Troubleshooting Guide x1
  • Start Manual x1
  • EDU Booklet x1
  • Lesson Plans x2
  • Unblocking Tools x2

Students’ Kit Includes:

  • 3Doodler Start Pens x12
  • DoodlePads™         x12
  • DoodleBlocks®      x24
  • USB Cables                 x12

Plastics Kit  Includes:

  • Start Plastic Red         x150
  • Start Plastic Orange x150
  • Start Plastic Yellow x150
  • Start Plastic Green x150
  • Start Plastic Grey x150
  • Start Plastic White x150
  • Start Plastic Mint x150
  • Start Plastic Blue x150