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go_btn and iDESIGN Solutions are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to learn Autodesk products using Video Based Tutorials Developed by

About website supports the learning and teaching of 3D Modeling in every classroom around the world. The website provides 24/7 access to learning Autodesk software at very affordable rates.

The site is structured as stand alone modules, each taking the absolute beginner through the basic start up procedures towards independent modeling. The content is developed by an experienced technology professor and delivered through video tutorials which allow the user to progress at an appropriate pace.

Subscribers can sign up to one, two, three, up to six areas of the site - there is no better way to quickly reach a point where modellers are truly integrating the features of a range of softwares in a single project. Subscription rates have been kept deliberately low to encourage this.

Course Outlines Available for these Software Titles:

  •  AutoCAD
  •  Autodesk Inventor
  •  Revit Architecture
  •  Autodesk 3ds Max
  •  SketchUp



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