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The perfect all-in-one kit for any new VEX Robotics Competition team or an existing team looking to supercharge their robot. This kit contains everything needed to get up and running with the V5 Control System, along with a variety of aluminum structural parts to build lighter and faster mechanisms, and the Vision Sensor to see the competition from a whole new perspective.

•Compete with over 11,000 worldwide VEX Robotics Competition teams
•Build powerful mechanisms with the included high strength gears, sprockets, and shafts
•Scalable programming software suite available with VEX Coding Studio

For 3-4 students.

V5 Clawbot-Build Instructions

* We anticipate V5 to ship in August. However, there is no guarantee to the actual ship date.

Kit Contents
Electronics V5 Electronics •(1) V5 Robot Brain •(1) V5 Controller •(1) V5 Robot Radio •(1) V5 Robot Battery Li-Ion 1100mAh •(1) V5 Robot Battery Cable •(1) V5 Robot Battery Charger •(8) V5 Smart Motor •(2) 36:1 Smart Motor Cartridge •(1) Vision Sensor •(4) Bumper Switch v2 V5 Smart Cables •(3) 300mm Smart Cables •(3) 600mm Smart Cable •(2) 900mm Smart Cable •(1) 1200mm Smart Cable •(2) 1500mm Smart Cable Charging Cable •(1) USB A to Micro Cable
Tools & Accessories •(40) #64 Rubber Bands •(600) 4" Zip Ties •(50) 11" Zip Ties •(1) 12" X 15" Anti Slip Mat (Thick) •(4) T8 Star Screwdrivers •(6) T15 Star Screwdrivers •(6) Open End Wrenches